Unicatum Chondro, 250ml

Unicatum Chondro, 250ml

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UNICATUM Peat Balm was developed as a supporting skin care product which is applied after demanding daily activities and is based on a traditional formula proven by generations.

In addition to peat, this peat massage balm also contains herb extracts, such as comfrey, horse chestnut and juniper. The well balanced formula of the UNICATUM peat balm guarantees a broad and powerful effect.

Some of the ingredients contain substances that are known to relieve muscle strain, and pains in the joints, muscles and spine. UNICATUM is produced from natural peat and herb extracts of top quality. These ingredients are supplied by renowned contractors.

Peat (Peat extract) – Peat is known to have been used in traditional balneotherapy to warm the skin. As a secondary effect, the peat warming procedure can provide relief of muscle strain resulting from sports or injury, or it is used to help degenerativeprocesses of the musculoskeletal system. With its high content of mineral substances and humic acids, peat can provide supportive care for rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis. In addition, the substances contained in peat, such as magnesium, zinc and silicon are beneficial in (cosmetic) care of troubled skin. They provide an overall soothing effect maintaining the skin in a good state.

Common Comfrey (Symphytum officinale extract) – The use of comfrey was documented by the Romans and the Greeks in the 2nd century AD. In the middle ages, comfrey was used in the form of packs to help heal fractures. The main substance in comfrey is allantoin, which promotes regeneration, is effective in accelerating cell renewal and relieves the feeling of tiredness. It also significantly helps in post-injury conditions.

Juniper (Juniperus communis oil) - activates the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate toxic substances. It is effective in accelerating regeneration of strained muscles. Increases blood flow in the skin.

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum extract) – active substances obtained from the chestnut include aescin, tannins and flavonoid glycosides. These components help increase the elasticity of vascular walls, blood flow velocity, venous drainage and limit the formation of oedemas. They also have significant anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

Application: Apply to the selected area and rub in only as much of the balm as can be absorbed by the skin. Apply to clean skin. Regular use enhances the effect. To improve the effect, you can also use a wrap.

Caution: Intended for external application only. Avoid contact with the eyes, mucosa and skin wounds. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep in a dry place at room temperature. Rare allergic reaction to some of the bio-active ingredients of the product cannot be ruled out. In such a case, it is necessary to stop application and seek medical advice if problems persist. Very intensive reddening of the skin is natural and it is a sign of beneficial blood flow enhancement.

Dermatologically tested.

  • Līdzeklis masāžai pēc fiziski smaga ikdienas darba
  • Izstrādāts, pamatojoties uz tradicionālām, paaudzēs pārbaudītām receptēm
  • Šī balzāma sastāvā ietilpst arī augu ekstrakti (tauksakne, kastanis, kadiķis)
  • Līdzsvarotais kūdras balzāma sastāvs nodrošina izteiktu daudzpusīgu iedarbību.
  • Balzāma komponenti satur vielas, kas mazina locītavu muskuļu un mugurkaula sāpes, palīdz muskuļu pārslodzes gadījumā
  • Ražots no kvalitatīviem dabīgas kūdras un augu ekstraktiem.

Dermatoloģiski testēts.

Ražotājs: Herbamedicus GmbH (Šveice)