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Thyroxine (T4) is one of two major hormones produced by the thyroid gland (the other is called triiodothyronine, or T3). T4 and T3 are regulated by a sensitive feedback system involving thehypothalamus and the pituitary gland. T4 is a useful marker for the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The level of T4 decreases in hypothyroidism, myxedema and chronic thyroiditis(Hashimoto’s disease). Increased levels of T4 have been found in hyperthyroidism due to Grave’s disease and Plummer’s disease.

Test Principle
ichroma™ T4 Test is based on fluorescence immunoassay technology. ichroma™ T4 uses a competitive immunodetection method, such that the antibody in Detection Buffer binds to T4 in serum/plasma sample. The sample mixture is loaded and migrates on the nitrocellulose matrix, the antigen-antibody complexes competes with covalently coupled T4-BSA molecule that has been immobilized on test strip. Thus the more cortisol antigen is in blood sample, the less antigen-antibody complexes accumulate on test strip.
Test Duration
Test takes approx. 10 minutes 
Analytical Range
20~300 nmol/L
  • Lateral-flow immunofluorescence chromatographic assay
  • Sample Type : Serum/Plasma
  • Precision: CV < 20%