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Glycated protein is formed post-translationally through the slow,nonenzymatic reaction between glucose and amino groups on proteinsHbA1c is a clinically useful index of mean glycemia during the preceding 120 days, the average life span of erythrocytes. Carefully controlled studies have documented a close relationship between the concentrations of HbA1c and mean glycemia. HbA1c is considered as a more reliable parameter in monitoring glycemiaover the glycemic reading with the conventional glucometer.

Test Principle

ichroma™ HbA1c Test is based on fluorescence immunoassay technology. ichroma™ HbA1c uses a sandwich immunodetection method, such that by mixing detector buffer with blood specimen in test vial, the fluorescence-labeled detector anti-HbA1c antibody in buffer binds to HbA1c antigen in blood specimen. The sample mixture is loaded and migrates on the matrix of test cartridge; the complexes of detector antibody and HbA1c are captured to anti-HbA1c sandwich pair antibody that has been immobilized on test matrix.

Test Duration
Test takes approx. 12 minutes
Analytical Range
4~15 % (HbA1c)/ 5.0~25.0g/dL (hemoglobin)
• Hematorit correction
• Sample Type : Blood
• Precision: CV < 10%