i-CHROMA Cortisol

i-CHROMA Cortisol

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Cortisol is a potent hormone known as a glucocorticoid that affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, but especiallyglucoseCortisol test is performed on patients who may havemalfunctioning adrenal glands. Cortisol level normally rises and falls during the day in what is called a diurnal variation, so that the concentration of cortisol is at its highest level between 6 ~ 8 A.M. and gradually falls, reaching its lowest point around midnight.

Test Principle
ichroma™ Cortisol Test is based on fluorescence immunoassay technology. ichroma™ Cortisol uses a sandwich immunodetection method, such that by mixing detector buffer with blood specimen in test vial, the fluorescence-labeled detector anti-Cortisol antibody in buffer binds to Cortisol antigen in blood specimen. The sample mixture is loaded and migrates on the matrix of test cartridge; the complexes of detector antibody and Cortisol are captured to anti-Cortisol sandwich pair antibody that has been immobilized on test matrix.
Test Duration
Test takes approx. 10 minutes
Analytical Range
80~800 nmol/L
• Sample Type : Blood/Serum/Plasma
• Precision: CV < 20%