2nd International Conference in Pharmacology: From Cellular Processes to Drug Targets

2017.10.19 08:00 to 2017.10.20 18:00

Latvijas Universitāte, Jelgavas iela 1
Rīga, Latvia



Opening Ceremony
Plenary Lectures


The Guide to PHARMACOLOGY: a collaboration between the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) and the Nomenclature Committee of the Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (NC-IUPHAR)

Steve Alexander (UK)

Can we put brakes on aging?

Inga Kadish (USA)

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease using small D-peptides

Thomas van Groen (USA)

RGD as a putative active center of an oligopeptide lunasin

Zane Dzirkale, Ruta Muceniece, Ilva Nakurte, Kaspars Jekabsons, Baiba Jansone, Juris Rumaks, Jolanta Pupure, Karina Narbute, Vija Klusa (Latvia)

The 45th Anniversary of the Latvian Society of Pharmacology

In commemoration of Modris Melzobs: the first president of Latvian Society of Pharmacology

Ardijs Ranks (Latvia)

The forty five years of the Latvian Society of Pharmacology

Baiba Jansone (Latvia)


Congratulation ceremony of the new honorary members of the Latvian Society of Pharmacology

Welcome Reception



Plenary Lectures


Developing new therapies for rare Batten Disease

Maija Dambrova, Valerjans Kauss (Riga Stradins University, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Latvia)

Oncolytic Cancer Virotherapy with Rigvir

Pēteris Alberts (Latvia)

The impact of cancer extracellular vesicles on mesenchymal stem cell phenotype

Una Riekstiņa (Latvia)

Monitoring of ligand binding to receptors

Ago Rinken (President of Estonian Society of Pharmacology, Estonia)

Cannabinoids - complexity at every level on the path to therapeutic exploitation: plant cannabinoids; endocannabinoids; target receptors; transforming enzymes

Steve Alexander (UK)

Pharmacological modulation of plasma bilirubin concentration to achieve neuroprotective action

Mojca Kržan and Lovro Žiberna (Slovenia)

Extracellular vesicles as potential novel therapeutic tools against neurodegenerative diseases

Augustas Pivoriūnas (Lithuania)

Neuroprotective effects of GABA receptor agonists

Vladimirs Pilipenko, Karina Narbute, Ulrika Beitnere, Jolanta Pupure, Juris Rumaks, Baiba Jansone, Vija Klusa (Latvia)

Traumatic brain injury-induced cognitive decline: mechanisms and treatment options

Liga Zvejniece, Edijs Vavers, Baiba Svalbe, Maija Dambrova (Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Latvia)

Overcoming drug barrier of the brain by claudin peptidomimetics

Ingolf Blasig (Germany)

How, Why, and When to Train the Pharmacological Targets for Prevention of Second Brain Injuries?

Shyam Sunder Chatterjee (Germany)

Aβ oligomer eliminating D-enantiomeric peptides enhance cognition and impede neurodegeneration even by oral application

Dieter Willbold (Germany)


Latvijas Universitāte, Jelgavas iela 1
Jelgavas iela 1


From 2017.10.19 08:00
To 2017.10.20 18:00


Latvijas Universitāte, Jelgavas iela 1

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